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Creamy Cauliflower Mash with Brown Butter and Fried Sage

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 20 mins
  • Total Time: 25 mins
  • Yield: 2-4 1x


  • 4 cups cauliflower crumbles
  • 1/2 cup cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • optional 8 oz goat cheese
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • sage leaves
  • optional: herbs to mix in (rosemary, thyme, etc.)


  1. In a pot over medium heat, add 1 tbsp butter. Add in cauliflower crumbles and allow to cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  2. Add in cream cheese and sour cream, allow to melt.
  3. Give it a few good cracks of salt and pepper which will help cut the fat and add some much needed seasoning. If it’s bland, you need more salt!
  4. In a pan, melt remaining 1 tbsp butter over medium low heat. Once melted, add in sage leaves and lightly fry until butter has turned slightly brown but not burnt.
  5. Pour brown butter and sage leaves over the top of creamy cauliflower mash.
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